Our Story

Once upon a time, when Norwich was one of the busiest market towns in the country, food was influenced very heavily by the sailors who brought back exotic flavours and spices from their travels. Here at 'above', we've spent our fair share of time globe-trotting.

Years of travelling the world really opened our eyes to high-quality, flavoursome dishes from all walks of life. But it also reminded us of one key rule that is true, no matter where you are in the world – nothing beats a good home-cooked meal!

And that’s the one rule we live by here – Take high-quality, locally-sourced produce and create flavoursome dishes that pay respect to the comfort foods of the world.

So whether it’s our hearty Louisiana Jambalaya inspired by our time in the bayous, or our rich and creamy Indonesian satay chicken, you can be sure that you’re always getting a taste of home when you dine with us.

Yours sincerely,